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Gutter Cleaning and Gutterguard

Australia hosts a beautiful array of flora from small shrubs to huge gumtrees we have some of the worlds most truly unique plant life! With huge forests filling our South Western region with rich and vibrant greenery, the great Boab trees in the Kimberly and a culmination of WA's best and well known in our city region of Perth... It's no wonder WA can lay claim to hosting one of the worlds 34 biodiversity hotspots.


The plants in our yards define the space. Rather than just a yard it provides homes with an additional entertaining space, a place to relax and a place to enjoy. However, whilst the tall trees in your yard may be perfect for providing shade, they're not so perfect for your gutters!

Common problems caused by blocked and overfilled gutters include:

  • Overflowing gutters

  • Leaks into the roof

  • Blocked downpipes/ inability to drain

  • Dangerous fire hazards    and

  • Greater buildup even attracts unwanted insects


Got Gutterguard installed?

Not a problem, we can remove your gutter guard and clean it as well as your gutters before re-fitting it to your gutters.

Let's face it, it's no one's favourite job to clear out the gutters. So give us a call and we'll do it for you!


At Golden Ridge Roofing, we want to make sure your gutters are kept in the best shape and condition. We'll attend and flush your gutters and downpipes, ensuring they're as clean as when they were new.



Watergate Gutterguard


A cost-effective yet efficient product for protecting your gutters and downpipes from mid-large sized debris. With a Zincalume construction to prevent warping and cracks as well as a one year warranty, this product is a popular option for those in metropolitan areas, with standard sizes of gutter; looking for a simple solution to a small amount of tree debris.





AllClear Leafguard


We are proud to be Western Australia's ONLY distributor of AllClear Leafguard. Designed and made in Australia to suit our unique and harsh environment, this product is one of the leading gutter protection products available. AllClear can be custom made to suit any size or shape of gutter or valley you may have. Boasting a solid Australian Steel construction and powder coated to match all the Colorbond leafguard holds an amazing 25-year warranty!colours, this


Designed specifically to reduce the risk of bushfires damaging homes, this product is perfect for those who have many trees around their home, or live close to bushland areas.


What We Can Offer


If you're experiencing any of the above then why not have gutterguard installed? Designed to protect your gutters from debris, this product will mean less frequent gutter cleans are needed and less of a chance of leaks and water ingress to you home or office!


Golden Ridge Roofing offers our clients two varieties of gutterguard, so there is something available for all budgets:


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