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Our homes and workplaces get worn with age, that's why it's important to maintain them.

Gutters and downpipes collect the water that runs off the roof and leads it away. Having them in a functioning condition prevents leaks and water ingress to your home. Common problems to your gutter and downpipes are rusting, being blocked, holes, insufficient fall, and simply not being big enough, though there are quite a few more.


Some gutter and downpipe issues are not immediately noticeable, that's why, as soon as you suspect a problem with them, it is important to call someone out for a maintenance check.

Soak wells


Collapsed Pavers

Concrete Soak wells


Plumbed Soak well before Covering


The water that is collected by the gutters and downpipes is lead to soak wells where it can be dispersed into the Earth. Soak wells come in many sizes and a couple of different materials, and are dug into the ground then covered after plumbing.


A common DIY variety is made from plastic and is smaller in size. They are light and relatively cheap to purchase, however, they are not sturdy and can often break easily. The variety used by Golden Ridge is a 600mm diameter by 600mm depth concrete type they are strong and reliable and can stand the test of time.


On occasion,  a soak well can no longer work properly ranging from distorted and unstable paving, to a puddle rising or a pool of water. This can occur when it collapses or if it has been plumbed/installed incorrectly.

Rainheads and Overflow Spouts

On occasion, our gutters and downpipes are insufficient and water can overflow over the sides of the gutter-lengths, or backflow into your eaves. To assist in resolving this, you can have overflow spouts or rainheads installed.


A rainhead is a funnel-like structure situated above a downpipe, which enables more water to be collected and then quickly dispersed through the downpipe. This alleviates the total load being carried by the gutters and in doing so prevents the overflow.


An overflow spout is a small pipe installed into the gutter and acts as a controlled leak. Whilst that may seem like it defeats the purpose of having the gutters, it is a very economical and efficient way to resolve overflow and backflow troubles. The most popular positioning for a spout to be installed is near a garden bed so that the dispelled water is put to use.


Repointing and Replacing Broken Tiles

roof leak 2.jpg
Roof leak.jpg
Tiling a Roof

The most common cause for leaks and ceiling stains in the home or workplace is broken or damaged roof tiles and cappings. Many things can cause the roof covering to be damaged with storms and age being frequent culprits.


Fortunately, repairing such damage is easily done by replacing tiles and removing the damaged mortar on the ridge caps and applying fresh mortar to them.

Once repaired, the internal damage will stop and stains can be painted over.

ridge cap.jpg
ridge cap2.jpg

Gutters and Downpipes


Blocked and Full Gutters

Before and after Collage Melville Rose B
Before and after Collage Melville Rose B

Rusted and Corroded then Replaced

Before and After Downpipe Melville Rose
Before and After Downpipe Melville Rose

Holes  || Repaired

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