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Conventional Whirlybirds

Western Australia is extremely hot in Summer.
But your home doesn't have to be!

Whirlybirds operates by the wind turning the blades of its fan, drawing out the heat from your roof space. This means that the more wind the better this fan works to remove the hot air from your roof space.


A reduction in the roof temperature means a cooler house. This also means less air-conditioning costs for you!


A further benefit to whirlybirds that not many people realise, is they assist in creating a healthy roof environment. The vastly different temperatures between the internal and external environments cause a build-up of condensation within the roof space, this in turn leads to increasing amounts of mould and mildew growth in your home.


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Solar Whirlybirds

Unlike standard whirlies , our EXCLUSIVE units are thermostatically controlled and solar powered!

WA Summer's are not always windy leaving conventional whirlies inactive, on the hot days where they are needed the most. Worse yet, in Winter we experience storms and gale force winds, making your conventional whirlybird spin, drawing out whatever heat was in your roof space keeping the house warm!


With a Golden Ridge Roofing Solar Attic Fan, those troubles are gone! Our units are solar powered and thermostatically controlled, and will shut down when not needed. A whisper quiet, yet powerful brushless fan operates in our self-sufficient units. Giving our fans an equivalent efficiency to over 50 conventional whirlybirds.


Solar Powered and Thermostatically controlled means that the sunnier and hotter the day, the more our fan works. Even if there's no wind! 

And what about when it's humid but the Sun is not out? We have an environmental control system available, that will gauge the temperature of your roof space and determine if the fan should activate. This means the whirlybird won't be drawing out all of the heat from your home when it shouldn't be – which means less heating and cooling costs for you! 

Create a healthy roof and Start saving today!

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